L I F E Love. Inspire. Forgive. Encourage. ”

— Taylor @ Studio in the Sticks


About the latest release "RELEASED"

First off, when is the last time we just stopped and listened to a whole song? Every track in it? Studied all the arrangements?
When is the last time we listened to the in depth lyrics that sometimes took hours and hours, days or even weeks to write and rewrite?
Try it out with this album right here friends! Taylor worked incredibly hard writing/arranging/playing/producing/engineering/recording,
and then singing all the lead vocals and backing vocals, doing every single track on every single song. 
The only thing missing is the multi-million dollar production facilities and huge commercial sound that record label artists get access to.
But for one single dude in a modest, private farm home studio, it offers a lot of bang for the buck!

"RELEASED" It's been a long haul! It's time to release some new material! It's just got a little bit of everything! True Americana!
A little Rock! A little Pop! A little Blues! A little Soul! A little Country! A little Spiritual/Inspirational!

Careful attention has been taken with every single track! So much out there is swimming in all things synthetic and artificial!
Sure it sounds "cool" and wows people out but how can some of these "stars" live with themselves knowing they aren't what they really sound like?
Taylor's approach is live, authentic, in your face, in your living room, raw, pure, organic, real time instrumentation and powerhouse vocals,
with no "fake out" studio tricks and magic pitch correcting! The real deal is what you hear and what you get! Authenticity!
To quote Taylor;
"I respect the craft and tip my hat to all the hard working musicians out there with callouses! This is a working musicians tribute for sure!"
The tracks say the rest! 

A little about the writer/producer/artist/multi-instrumentalist:
"There's just no way on earth that one guy does all of this work!"
That's something Taylor is constantly hearing!
"No way that's you! Now way you did all those instruments and vocals and recorded it all, producing every track yourself by yourself!"
But it's not for the reasons many might think, to show off or devalue the gifts and talents of others working/building albums as a team.
I just don't like to pull other musicians away from their families. People are busy! They need to spend time with those they love!
Families fall apart a lot and I never want to be "that guy" who calls at night when musicians tend to get most creative haha,
and say hey, "can Johnny come over to lay down some bass tonight?...I got this really cool groove goin on man!"
There you have it! It's why Taylor typically works alone. That's this man's heart of hearts! 

Taylor has landed some of his own original work on the timelines of Music Supervisors and Directors in motion picture film syn/television
as well as being signed to a Major Publisher in Nashville TN and offered contracts for Music Supervisor libraries,
working with Warner/Lions Gate/Columbia/Marvel and many other power hitters in the Motion Picture and Film industry. 
Taylor D is a purist when it comes to music. hammering out all the instruments, singing all the vocals,
engineering, producing, recording, mixing and mastering, is a challenge he enjoys!

Thank you for listening in to my contribution to the creative and "re-creative" arts, industry wide friends!

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2020 Album "RELEASED"