No Short Cuts

Taylor, from a very young age learned the value of hard work, persistence and determined effort to become successful, in whatever one puts their hand to.
From mining, picking and shoveling in the hard, unforgiving, barren, hot, dry deserts of the Southwest, to butchering, to building, all at so early of an age,
he worked, and he worked! 
Studying some Martial Arts and entering into some Naval service as a teenager, Taylor finally found his niche in life, as a self employed contractor.

Years of exertion, completing thousands of commercial/residential projects, all began to wear down his structural frame, with broken bones and cervical spinal damages, Taylor figured out early, he better learn a few more things, that are a bit less taxing on the physical frame, so he took up playing guitar, and eventually quite a few other instruments, self taught and inspired, he began to buy up many books on recording, took in some correspondence courses and studied audio engineering and production, all on the side, of raising a family of seven, and running three businesses, contracting thousands of construction projects,
in climates reaching over one hundred and twenty eight degrees. Yes, this indeed meant working right through the middle, of countless nights.

There has never been much exposure or publicity, no time for it really, though record label offers and several high profile opportunities with managers of the likes of,
"Sting/Brian Adams and Garth Brooks," were all turned down. Being self sufficient as a hard working contractor and family man, 
were fine with him, content as self employed. So he just kept quiet about his mining away, at his work in private, for future releasing.
Crazy? Sure. Smart? Yup! :*)
Cast your bread out there, and see what returns to you right? But cast nonetheless and don't be slothful about it of course.

"Taylor D Music/Taylor D Ranch and Recording Studios/ and Studio in the Sticks, Wide Awake" are all entities and businesses affiliated with Taylor's audio work through the years, which he is finally releasing and exposing through television, film and synchronization licensing. Throughout the year of 2016 the exposure has been landing many offers and contracts for licensing, with many major movers and shakers within the major motion picture releases/television/film industry,
who are directly working with Warner/Sony/Universal/Lions Gate, and many others. Taylor is grateful to God for this. 

Keeping this all somewhat digested, yet biographical;
Taylor is now networking with area capable musicians in developing a modest indoor/outdoor Farm Home recording studio environment!
Most of the work is in place indoors and out! It is a beautiful Mid West paradise!
We look forward to building and releasing many quality songs and music videos!

The music you will encounter, is a craftsman excellence. Every instrument Taylor has learned to care for, and tool with precision intonation.
Every note struck, is struck with percussive skill and engineered and recorded, with attention to frequency and panoramic details. 
Moreover, it is a one man production, wherein one person, is doing all of the writing/arranging/charting/performing every instrument/
engineering and recording each track/performing each and every vocal and backing vocal/mixing and mastering anywhere from 25 to 55 tracks per song.
Do consider this, as the average radio tune out there, gets tens of thousands of production dollars with thirty to fifty people networking in its overall production.

"The craft" is not some cute little, experimental side hobby of his friends. It is "COMMITTED, LICENSED, PROFESSIONAL WORK."
Taylor also loves challenges, so throughout his recordings, there are thousands of complex chord structures, not easily covered, and in many genres.
Session musicians in Nashville TN, have simply laid their guitars down in humble surrender, unable to keep up with Taylor,
saying "where in the hell did this guy come from, and how did he learn to write and play all those melodies and riffs?"

Along with being recently signed and licensed and contracted with some major power hitters within the audio/visual film and television synchronization industry,
Taylor was interviewed and his works submitted, reviewed and signed, for a publishing contract and PRO representation with SESAC, of Nashville TN.

Now then; Go find that music button, strap a set of cans on, and let's take a musical ride friend! :*) Hope you enjoy the journey!
Thank you for the visit!