Wisconsin Artist/Songwriter/Producer lands film sync contracts. 

"Ya just tell it like it is!" Says Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks Wisconsin. "Get off yer a** and get after it man!" 
"I don't necessarily believe in the cliche three chords and the truth either...That can be a lazy man's way out of music arrangement and thoughtful lyric."
"I don't go after the easy stuff! I'm a melody maker and I work at it. It's gettin tougher and tougher with so much music already out there.
I don't take the beaten path; I make my own sonic trail! I write and arrange in many different genre too! That's another dimension altogether!"
A hard working straight shooter originally from the South West, a successful Commercial and Residential State Licensed Contractor,
Developer and Recording Studio Owner continues "Ya just gotta keep pickin' at it and shovelin' away!...'May not see a return for a long time even,
and there are no guarantees, but one thing for sure is guaranteed in life; If you want to see absolutely no results, keep doin' absolutely nothin' at all!
There's a guarantee right there within that, if you're lookin' for a solid guarantee!"

Taylor as a self employed contractor performing over four thousand projects has endured much physical pain through extreme exertion.
Running three businesses with severe spinal damages even a broken neck, he was forced to slow things down a bit all the way back in 2001.
Neurosurgeons told him he was through, early retirement and disability were the only options left. Not one to "stay off the bull after being bucked and stomped"
Taylor said we'll just see about that! He got down on his knees and thanked God for the opportunity to suffer and allow God to work through this hardship!
He turned to learning yet even another trade/occupation that was a little less taxing on his physical frame; 
Song writing, recording, engineering and music studio production...And then pitching it professionally!
Over the past ten years Taylor has honed and polished his lyrical and musical chops learning the art of recording in both analog and modern day digital DAW platform environments all while simultaneously studying how to play multiple instruments such as acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard synth, piano, drums, electric rhythm and lead guitar as well as singing lead and backing vocals (without all the automated studio tricks and pitch correction he adds.)

Music was tinkered with a bit on the side of all the contracting until the reality of taking several decades of a beating on his body began to sink in. 
Up until only the last two years did Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks WI (his second recording studio put together after Taylor D Ranch and Recording Studios in AZ,) begin to professionally pitch his self produced work, in an over saturated, super competitive market flooded with both independent and Major Label artists,
looking for ways to land not merely some kind of exposure but some contract deals, that actually might produce some type of future, tangible royalty income.

Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks has within two short years already worked his way to the top of some prominent stacks which is unheard of in the industry!
Some major motion picture movers and shakers working with Lions Gate/Warner/Columbia/Sony etc, have taken notice of Taylor's work.
Taylor has been offered Record Label offers and many distinguished licensing contracts over the last few years,
as well as being auditioned, screened and signed to some very prestigious film placement, license catalog companies nationwide with global film placements.
One contract is with a Music Supervisor in Hollywood who works directly with Stan Lee of MARVEL-Transformers/Spiderman Movies etc. (Among others)
One contract has led to a placement of one of Taylor D's originals "Close Our Eyes" on the sync timeline of "TRUE DETECTIVES"
One contract being issued in January now has song "Blow Your Ashes Away" in an upcoming movie released to television/HBO/Netflix etc.
Blow Your Ashes Away is also on Spotify and other major digital retail distribution hubs.

One thing Taylor has learned, your work better stand out and be awesome or the Supes ain't even gonna let you near their inbox!
They're just too busy lookin' for that big gold nugget! They've already got tens of thousands of songs to screen and yours is ten thousand "and one" now!

Studio in the Sticks is a private owned recording studio in the Wisconsin farm fields and woods/"sticks" accepting clients on a screened/interview basis.
There's a big difference in being a band musician where you go play clubs and bars to half drunk crowds, and being a session studio musician.
I mean let's face it friends; "Everything sounds "cool" to a half lit crowd!" :*) "Let's see what the printed sound waves say back to us in reality though!"
No offense but you can't get away with slop, poorly cared for and non intonated instruments and bad technique in a studio environment,
that's pitching work for a record label, especially if one is pitching work for sync licensing and film placement.
"A well placed mic will always reveal every nuance of truth, in every minute sonic detail of any poorly delivered performance from an undisciplined musician."
The record label, music supervisor, director and film industry will be the first and last, to pick up on this too,
and routinely just round file it.

Keep an eye out for this Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks fella from Wisconsin! He's already landing himself on the timelines and credits now!

Check out Taylor's latest work on youtube here: https://youtu.be/G1sb-n4ItaI

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